Review: Another


Fans of gore, horror and light mystery, look no further! WARNING: Mimi says that spoiler tags don’t seem to work anymore, so the spoilers are in the blacked-out text.

Originating from a 600 page novel written by non other than the husband of 2010’s horror blockbuster, Shiki, Another follows the paths set out before it by telling a story of a curse which has befallen a seemingly innocent class.And it was quite a roller-coaster ride from start to finish, even though  it may have been have for a different reason for everyone.

See, when I heard everything about it and read the trailer, I was expecting a full-blown mystery, or a fully blown horror. And I remember thinking that it was failing rather spectacular at both of them, ending up as some show which the anime fans like but I disliked. It would be fair to say that up until the latter part of this episode, I found this show to be rather ridiculous.Allow me to explain why.

Firstly, the mystery. The entire concept spins around finding a ghost among the class, yet the clues were just too obvious, by the end of episode 2 or 3 it was obvious Reiko  was the Another, from, well, common sense. Animals are said to sense the unknown and the supernatural, and it’s been proven several times. So when that annoying-as-hell parrot kept chanting her name and throwing a fit whenever she was around, I put two and two together and slowly started to form my theory. Mystery? Failed. I did make a post a week or so ago about Knox and Van Dine being applied to Another, and that was when it clicked in my mind that it didn’t break the rules of mystery, but it made the mystery too easy. A good mystery should make the challenger keep thinking and never stop thinking, and keep thinking until the very end.

The second major draw of the show was meant to be the horror. I didn’t actually see the appeal of the horror for a very long time, with it showing random shots of dolls just for the sake of being creepy. I get that they were foreshadowing everything, but not only does that seem stupidly impossible to happen, the dolls…just weren’t scary. Infact, it became annoying after one or two episodes. They served no real purpose apart from to creep the viewer out. To be honest, I was much more creeped out by the atmosphere and the buildings, with how rotten and dilapidated they were. Horror? Failed.

It wasn’t after a while until I noticed that this anime was trying to do something completely different. This anime was trying to mentally scare you, with it’s weird atmospheres and over the top, gruesome deaths that everyone suffered. I think at around the halfway point I noticed this, and if it wasn’t for that bloomin beach episode, I would have enjoyed this anime a lot more. It got confused about what direction it wanted to take at first, and by the time it had found where it wanted to go, it was already past the halfway point. Or; at least, that’s what I think happened.

I still don’t think that it was a coincidence that the moment the weird, over the top dolls were being shown was when my enjoyment of this show sky-rocketed. They slowly started to rotate around the idea and the concept of psychological horror and terror, and as the members of the class slowly started to go insane and eventually snap, the latter part of the series and the climax became a real treat among horror shows, even freaking me out at some points and managing to make me jump. It’s for that reason along that I think the show isn’t half bad.

See, now that the show has almost ended, i’ve started wondering if i’m been slightly too harsh in judging it. As you can see from my post Another, Knox and Van Dine’s rules of a mystery, my opinion of Another did change the more I sat and thought about just what the show had been trying to do, and stopped judging it on the almost pathetic mystery it had presented everyone. The horror did work after all, even though it did take a very very very very long time to work, and involved sitting through quite a terrible first part. So, in summary. Terrible first part with horror that’s almost too tame and a mystery that feels lackluster, and an amazing second part with gripping edge horror and a near perfect atmosphere.




4 thoughts on “Review: Another

    • Ouch. Sorry…the second paragraph should have spoiler tags wrapped around it. It seems to have disappeared from Draft to Actual post. uh. I’ll probably need to black out the text or something..

      • Yeah, it’s cool. I thought it was a mistake. I actually got spoiled who the Another was a few months back but managed to block it out of my system somehow :P. Maybe I can do it again.

  1. I actually found the mood-buildup to be the best thing in Another from the very start. It did payoff as you say, so I’m quite content with it. I loved how everything came about in the end but I feel the finale was a bit… too over-the-top to my tastes. Still, I enjoyed the anime a lot.

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