Chihayafuru Episode 25

Moonlight Clear and Bright

The tournament ends, with Sou Hisashi and the snowman girl claiming victory once again. Although it leaves everyone feeling a bit dreary, it doesn’t take long for Chihaya, Taichi, and Arata to pick themselves back up and practice…practice…practice. And poor Kana-chan discovers she has to make class A in order to become a card reader. Well, I’m sure she can make it in a few more seasons. *patpat*

So…we knew that the series would leave off incomplete, but at least they didn’t pull a terrible cliffhanger on us. Instead, it just shows that they’ll never give up their dreams and seems to promise more material. Like, will they get five more club members to be able to keep their room? Who’re they going to be?

While it’s awkward to call something so incomplete to be “satisfying,” I am pretty content with the character development for the main ones….and I’m going to miss them terribly until (hopefully) another season comes out, or the manga material gets translated beyond this point. *crosses fingers* I’ll save everything else I have to say for the review~


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