Review: Bakuman 2

Bakuman Second Season

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago since Bakuman’s first season ended, and I personally really enjoyed it. At heart, it was an energetic show about two youngsters achieving their dreams, getting the girls and having their own bromance as they became accomplished manga artists. Series 2…does nothing new. It’s exactly the same. And I really enjoyed it.

Infact, I could say that it’s a direct continuation. Characters enter the show, and characters leave the show, as our pair climbs the ladder of JACK to get an anime adaptation, marry and live happily ever after. Throughout this season they undergo an editor change, have Takagi’s high school “crush” appear as a successful novelist, get married to Miyoshi, end up in hospital and watch as Eiji rises even higher than he has before, becoming a celebrated manga artist to the point where he gets TV appearances. There..isn’t much I can say about Bakuman beyond that.

It’s a show about dreams, and it’s energetic. It follows two very likeable male leads and a large cast of characters, some of whom you’ll like and some of whom you won’t care for at all. It’s fun, it’s got a unique twist on romance that may appear weird but works rather well and it’s got some very strong slice-of-life. If you’re looking for slice-of-life or some passionate guys(lol sounds wrong) then you don’t need to look much further than this. But since it’s a continuation, common sense says that you’d check out Mimi’s review of the first season before you watch this season. :b



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