First Impression: The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra

Thanks to Justin and Doofus, I decided to check out the new Avatar series. First off, for those who don’t know, I didn’t grow up with Avatar. I was finishing up high school when it first aired and wasn’t watching much television anymore, let alone Nickelodeon. I regret it now, because I’ve always heard great things about it. You know, how it’s the best American cartoon ever and resembles anime so much. Just recently, I watched the first three episodes of the old Avatar and the first two episodes of this. Both series are indeed impressive, but I like the start of the sequel the best.

Honestly, I’m loving everything about it. As the new Avatar, Korra is training to master the four elements, but air-bending doesn’t come natural to her. She’s too impatient and hot headed, for one thing. The main attraction of this series for me is to see how she manipulates elements with slick moves and tries to fit in at Republic City, where benders and non-benders mingle together. The animation is excellent, and there’s lots of humor in the character’s facial expressions and dialogue. This is all true of the first Avatar as well, but I just take a stronger liking to Korra and this type of setting. Her enemies are anti-benders called the Equalists, so this should be pretty interesting, eh?

I’m very curious to know what the rest of you guys think, especially old fans. I believe the third episode won’t air until late April, so I’ll make up my mind about blogging it after that. *blogging* :3


3 thoughts on “First Impression: The Legend of Korra

  1. Isn’t The Legend of Korra great?! I can really see it going places. By the way, did you notice that the firebender is named after the guy who did the first voice of Iroh (Zuko’s uncle)?

  2. As said before, The Legend of Korra has some potential. But I’m still a little skeptical of whether or not it will hold up to the first series. I’m not feeling the same connection to Korra as I did with Aang, but I guess that’s because Aang has had three seasons of development. With time I’m sure I’d like her, but for now I’m just gonna cruise along.

    Aside from that, are you guys planning on re-watching the first series?

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