Last Exile ~Fam, The Silver Wing~ Episode 23

Grand Master

Woah…happiest ending ever! Luscinia entrusts Sara to Fam after she makes a little speech about dreams, goes down with Exile, and Sara brings back the Grand Race. Yay! Okay, so maybe it didn’t leave as great an impact as S1’s ending, but I still enjoyed it. The music was amazing, and it was especially nice to see Claus and Lavie again…though one thing is still lingering in the back of my mind. What happened to him?? D: And poor Fam…she fought for the race all season and didn’t even win, lol. Ah well, Dio and Lucciola’s spirit deserved it!

There are of course things that could have been improved upon. For instance, Fam’s secret background didn’t go anywhere, and it would have been very interesting to see that evolve earlier in the show instead of her lighthearted adventures. I thought Alvis was going to have an interesting role, but nothing happens with her either. There have been issues with character development–Millia is the only one I see who has changed significantly. The deaths are a little pointless–Vasant (abrupt) and Sadri (just wanted to retire from life), which drew no emotion out of me. At the end of the day, a little girl says “let’s get along everybody” and that brings peace. Yeah, it’s silly.

But again…I’m not exactly disappointed or anything. Even with its flaws, and even if it never gets better than S1, I still feel a special kind of love for it. *ends cheesy speech there* :3


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