Ozuma Episode 3

A Thousand Years of Doubt

Maya decides to leave the ship so she won’t put everyone “in danger” and gets captured by Gido, which was inevitable. The more interesting part of this episode is the little flashback of her past with Gido and the other guy. So Maya is part of a special group of people called “Ideal Children”–clones with enhanced DNA. If you had read the show’s synopsis, guess that wouldn’t come as a big surprise. =P She’s more special than that in some way, though, and has a connection to those sand whales called Ozuma. Plus, it appears that Gido is the clone of Sam’s older brother since they look so similar.

So far, this just sounds like your standard clone story, and it probably won’t develop much more than this with only three episodes left. Still, the characters are interesting enough to keep watching, particularly the clones and the captain. On with the Maya rescue mission?

By the way…what a waste of food! *sighs* What? I’m starving. -_-


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