First Impression: Uchuu Kyoudai

Space Brothers

Yay, this is one of the new anime I’ve been waiting for! Two brothers, Hibito and Mutta, promise to go up in space together after seeing a UFO. Many years later, Hibito is on his way to becoming the first Japanese man to go to the moon while Mutta is…living at home with his parents after getting fired from a job. He’s all depressed because his little brother is already making something of himself. It takes some time, but Mutta finds his dream again and gets accepted into an astronaut selection exam. Hibito waits for him to catch up…

This might not be the next Planetes or anything, but I’m enjoying the premise, characters, and humor so far…and I can’t stop thinking about Tiger (Kotetsu) when I hear Mutta… *sigh* xD Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next few episodes, as this looks to be a fun show.

So…who’s up for MoDonalds?


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