Monthly Summary: March 2012

So, Spring comes to an end, with all of those 2-cour shows we’ve fallen in love with ending…and everything we’re blogging minus Ozuma and Pokemon ending…we’ll have a lot to pick up come Spring. -le sigh- Anyway, we’ll list all the shows we’ve been watching this past month and a quick line or two on what we think of it (how it’s ended, what the final was long, what the aftertaste it’s left is like) and general stuff like that. And we decided to remove the picks of the month, considering they don’t seem to be changing…^^

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Ano Natsu de Matteru

Ultimately, the ending was among the best of the show. It throws any romantic conventions and cliché’d scenarios out the window, and introduces trucks which turn into mechas, men in black and a fantastical ending. For a romantic comedy, this could have had a much worse  ending.


The ending of Another was the best part of Another, at least in my opinion. Throwing out any form of attempting to scare people and just throwing full-on terror and over-the-top murder sprees; I thought that the final was much better than anything Another’s shown so far.

Aquarion Evol

Man…this show has gotten good, despite the fanservice and pervert jokes. xD Jin’s arc is simply the best so far. He just can’t resist a cute little girl with a frog stuffed animal, haha. Many of the characters have managed to grow on me by now, even that Andy. And at the same time, I hate the villains with a passion…not just because they’re evil, but… Kagura’s “I want my wench” line is really annoying. Can’t he do anything else? And the other guy shall never be forgiven after what he did to Jin. Just what exactly is he anyway? With the increasing number of flashbacks to season one, I’m getting curious enough to check it out..

Area no Kishi

This month; I actually ended up dropping Area no Kishi…not because it’s a bad show, but because it was ultimately unspectacular. There was nothing amazing about it, and i’d prefer to have the room in my schedule for the spring season.

Bakuman 2

Bakuman 2 ends with our duo finally creating a manga that can rival Eiji.In the end, i’m just really annoyed that Bakuman’s pulling another “wait a few months lol” before things finally good.


Winter 2012, the season of never-ending shounen series that ended. Beelzebub pretty much fell victim to this, throwing a lame-as-hell ending where the plot was getting good and just…yeah. Just, what the hell. This didn’t need to end at all and it’s just leave a crappy aftertaste in my mind.


Chihayafuru had a nice finish, that is, it gets really exciting and leaves you missing the characters the instant it’s over. T_T It’s obviously incomplete here, but the overall experience was still wonderful. The character development feels like the most satisfying part of the show…for the main ones, anyway. I hope to get to know more about this Sou Hisashi guy in a sequel. *crosses fingers*

I, personally, hated the finale. It promised a lot of new things like a bigger budget and needing to recruit new members, but we all know that’ll never happen…it’s like WAAAT. 3: Stewpid Japanese need to buy all the DVD’s of this show and give us a S2. 

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

<For Liam to fill in>

Guilty Crown

Believe it or not, but the ending wasn’t as crazy awesome as the rest of the series. It was definitely rushed, with the showdown between Shu and Gai not being all it was hyped up to be. I’m relieved that it’s just over now so I can rid this guilt of enjoying it so much… xD I’m looking forward to the next Noitamina and Production IG anime, whatever it may be.

I…didn’t enjoy the ending. So i’m just glad that it’s all over now. It’s all over now…^~^

Inu x Boku SS

The show which does the bishie genre justice ended, yet it deserved another 12 episodes. With a heartwarming finale that’s easily the best ending this season, I was blown away. xD It set a new high for romance, too.

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

A lot of people had a bone to pick with this ending. It was too happy, too perfect, characters died pointlessly, and plot holes remained. However, Last Exile is just too special to me to care about all that. I enjoyed it and was happy to see Claus, Lavie, Alvis, and Dio back together!  Can’t deny that the nostalgia is immense. I’m going to miss the old characters all over again… T_T

The ending left me with one question. Just…what was the point of that? “You managed to find my hidden lair. Have the princess, i’ll throw all my plans away now. Bye bye.” Just…huh? I don’t get it @_@

Mirai Nikki

That whole plot twist from this month was pretty strange, but…I guess having more pyscopathic Yuno is a good thing. That sex scene was just slightly cringe-worthy to watch. Why does Yukki get the girls 3;

Mouretsu Pirates

Not that I think it’s a bad show or anything, but i’ve got episodes of this piled up; so I can’t really comment on what it was like. It’s a good show, though. xD

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi

It’s sad to see Natsume end. Racking up 52 episodes is no easy feat, but it doesn’t make it any less sad that it probably won’t be coming back. I guess i’m glad it left before it got bad, and that it ended off with some of the most heartwarming episodes it’s managed so far. xD


Feels like this ended ages ago @_@ Nisemonogatari left off with one of it’s better arcs, pretty much cementing the show as being much better than Bakemonogatari. Its just a shame that there wasn’t very much of Senjogahara in this season D:


Admittedly, this is the first Leiji Matsumoto series that I’m going to complete, though I plan on going back to watch his classics such as Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express soon. I like his art style and the whole dessert setting with “sand whales” and ships that can dive into the sand. This series is only six episodes, so the plot is pretty basic here. Not much can be said about the main lead character, Sam, who’s as bland as can be, but the clone characters and the captain bring a lot of interest to the series. I’m also loving the strategic battles~

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

The characters in this drive the show, and it got oh so much better with that exciting finale to Season 1. My only problem is that I don’t know just what it’ll do next season…bit odd, to be honest. Either way, i’m excited. More of a show that I like is never a bad thing, and getting a full 52 episodes is like…yes!

Pokemon: Best Wishes

The only episodes I caught last month were the gym battles (okay, but felt too scripted) and that one about the contest. The contest one really showed what the show is good at, and godamnit it needs more of these kinda episodes.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

The director behind this is awesome. For 3 minutes of my life, this is like…comedic gold. GOLD. Or maybe even Platinum. It’s funny, fresh and just keeps getting better and more adorable. It’s something that only a true cat lover would understand, and that’s why it’s brilliant. 

Rinne no Lagrange

Rinne no Lagrange had a decent finish, enough to hook you for the second season. Some episodes in the middle got a little boring, because I didn’t care for the festivals or perverted scenes. I wonder if the sequel is going to go in a completely new direction, now that the three friends have split up. It’d be cool to see Madoka travel to other worlds next time. Plus, the blond girl has a story left untold… By the way, the OST was just released on Youtube. Go listen to it! :3

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