Review: Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle

Phi Brain: God’s Puzzle

So uh, after a lot of pondering, I decided that even though this isn’t ending, the last time I wrote anything about it was probably to complain and say how utterly ridiculous it was becoming. And that was back at the start.

You see, the first half of this series got into a very strange pattern, where the main character solved puzzles or riddles left behind by the deceased to reveal some sort of treasure. Some of them were touching, some of them were odd and some of them were downright weird. Yet, around the time a second season was announced, this show suddenly started taking itself seriously, and it turned into one hell of a ride.

The idea is simple. Kaito, the male lead, solves puzzles. And because of this, a secret cult wants to make him solve the Gods Puzzle, the answer to the universe itself. To do this, they raised him from a child specially, and challenged him with puzzles to increase his brainpower. The majority of the show is him battling against this cult, in a nutshell.

Where the show falls down in premise, it raises in characters. The characters are amazing to watch interact, and it’s actually got a perfect ‘useless’ female lead to support the male. I…can’t actually put my finger on just why this show is so exhilerating and enjoyable, apart from the characters. I think it’s the execution.

When you have cheese, cheese either becomes good cheese or smelly cheese. This cheese is good cheese, and it never once crosses the line to smelly cheese. Weird analogy, but I guess it gives you an impression of what the show’s like. But, whatever. I’ll probably be able to get my opinion sorted a little better when S2 comes around, which I’ll be blogging~ Brilliant show, and I just can’t get enough of it. xD

Alex’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)


One thought on “Review: Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle

  1. man…I can’t see the second season’s enemy having the same kind of background as Rook…just seems like he’ll be some random guy that wants to beat Kaito or screw Rook over or something

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