First Impression: Zetman


Dark superhero shows are right up my alley. After all, Zetman bears such strong resemblance to Gantz, which is among my favorite manga (and guilty pleasures >.<). I’ve been looking forward to this ever since that action trailer with the epic choral music came out, and it sure doesn’t disappoint.

The premise is a rather interesting one, beginning with a bunch of monsters that are fighting in an arena to entertain rich people. It’s only a matter of time before they gain free will, kill people, and disguise themselves as humans. One of the scientists manages to escape with a baby in a strange incubator… Several years later, we’re introduced to a homeless boy named Jin who’s living with his “grandfather.” It’s obvious that he’s no ordinary kid, as he can beat up a group of grown men with his bare fist. After one of those monsters kills his grandfather and attacks a prostitute that took him in, his power begins to awaken…

Well, I have a friend who wouldn’t be able to stand this. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, not just because of the blood and gore, but the drama. For instance, poor Jin pushes his grandfather’s corpse around in a shopping cart as he’s knocking on doors looking for help. That’s just…dreadful to even think about. D: Maybe I’m weird for liking these kinds of shows. *shakes head* At any rate, I think things ought to get even more interesting when Jin and his childhood friends grow up. Can’t wait~!

It looks like this is only planned for thirteen episodes, and the manga is still continuing after 17 volumes….so I guess we’re only meant to get a tip of the iceberg…again. The good news is that 15 volumes have been translated online, so we can always rush to those if we’re dying to know what happens next. xD If you’ve already read the manga, then I’d appreciate to know from someone how the anime compares along the way.


2 thoughts on “First Impression: Zetman

  1. I haven’t read the manga, but I asked some friends about it. Apparently it starts out AWESOME but then falls off along the way. I’ll definitely watch this show.

  2. I heard there were 13 manga chapter crammed in this episode. o_O It did feel a bit rushed, but not much, and it was still awesome.
    I don’t think you’re weird for liking this kind of shows^^ If anything, you were the one “hiding” from me when I mentioned I’d like to see Caster and Ryounosuke’s “works of art” in the Blu-Rays – and once again don’t take me wrong, it’s just that I hate censorship 😉

    Anyway, I loved the episode. I like kid Jim as a character quite a lot, I found the premise really good and the drama was also quite well done. Can’t wait to see what this’ll turn into. (Though I’m also sad this’ll probably be just another incomplete work…)

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