First Impressions: Kimi to Boku 2

You & Me Second Season

It does feel kinda pointless to do a first impression for this show when it’s obvious that someone’s gonna blog it. But at any rate, my favourite slice-of-life show returns for a second season. You know how it’s popular to have cute girls doing cute things? Kimi to Boku is cute guys doing cute things; in a sense. It’s one of those shows where nothing happens but stuff does happen, and it packs more character development than expected, even though nothing happened worth noting.

They all have a sleepover? That’s not a huge plot twist or a drama inspiring revelation, and it’s because nothing really happened that let the characters carry the very slow pace. But, with that said, the characters do have their annoying traits and the show doesn’t take any attempts to cover up those annoying parts. If you’re easily annoyed by characters, then one of them is going to drive you crazy. Either way, it’s a brilliant slice of life and i’m always happy to see it back. xD

And I love some of the images in the ED. To me, that’s a perfect way to do a slide-show styled ED. x3


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