Review: Inu x Boku SS

Inu x Boku Secret Service

Meet Inu x Boku SS, the show that does the bishie genre justice. (I’m serious)

The plot isn’t exactly what i’d call anything special, it’s your story of a tsundere meeting a guy and falling in love. But it’s not all as simple as that, to be honest. The characters and the creative writing bring the setting and the slightly dull scenario to life, and that’s even further brought to life by the chemistry everyone shares.

However, the cast is actually a little ‘too’ big, with around 7 or 8 main characters and a huge supporting cast all packed into 13 episodes, and expected to fully develop and grow. This..does mean that the only characters which end up developing are the main couple, but who cares. xD The other main characters do their job of helping the romance work. The main female is a tsundere, though. That’s normally an instant minus 1 from my overall score…yet this tsundere was different. Self aware, self loathing and trying to change, we get treated to the background story of why she’s tsundere and why she hides herself under rude words,and because it doesn’t overuse any other cliche’d settings or scenarios, you don’t end up caring that she’s a tsundere and start seeing her more as a shy girl in love.

The male lead…is essentially a butler. He does butler things and helps the female lead in her daily life because she’s descended from a famous youkai family. Did I forget to mention that everyone’s a youkai? You have a scrap of paper, an ice goddess and a tanooki character in the cast, so yeah.Lots of fantasy stuff. To be honest, I don’t actually know where I was going when I wrote that, but I suppose it gives a decent idea of what the cast is like.

Well, like I said. The romance is something which takes a very heavy theme in this show, and the majority of the episodes are focused on the romance, with the rest of the cast getting involved in their unique ways. It’s a great romance show, and i’m glad to see something finally do justice to all those bishies out there.



One thought on “Review: Inu x Boku SS

  1. I just finished Inu x Boku SS 🙂

    I saw that the anime was coming out this year and thought i would start with the manga. The anime was at the same pace as the manga but cut out all the extra bits…which was good. At times the manga drifted off and i found myself skipping pages/chapters. Also the manga starts to do side stories of the other characters relationshsip after the main couple had started dating….to which i lost interest after that.

    I thought the anime was nice. The romance was defiantly the highlight and very touching but i agree with there being a large cast and trying to involve everyone dragged it out (plus the S&M masked guy annoyed the HELL out of me lol)

    I do wish there were more scenes of them fighting in their spirit form. Seemed to lack in that department. All n all i though it was nice and i agree…it does do the bishie genre justice 😛

    Good review 😀

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