Fate/zero Episode 14

The Mion River Battle

YAY!! This just made my day. x3

Seriously, what an action-packed beginning. It continues right where we left off, with Saber and Rider fighting against Caster’s monstrous form. Since he can infinitely regenerate, their blows have no significant effect on him. It’s up to Saber’s noble phantasm, which I really can’t wait to see. But first, she has to get rid of Lancer’s curse in order to use it. Meanwhile, Tokiomi and Kariya argue about Sakura, Kiritsugu quickly kills off Ryunosuke (*sigh* he deserved a long, brutal death >.>), and Gilgamesh and Berserker face off in epic aerial combat.

The highlight of this episode is definitely the latter. It’s hilarious how Gilgamesh just relaxes back into his throne the entire time. =P When I imagined the scene from the novel, it wasn’t nearly as awesome as this. Impeccable animation, and the CGI is integrated well enough for my enjoyment. Although it was hard to wait three months, the production values are definitely worth it.

As for the interesting little argument between Tokiomi and Kariya, there’s pros and cons to both sides. I don’t exactly look to Tokiomi as an evil guy. He cares deeply about his family bloodline and wants Sakura to be raised as a magus for her protection and potential. Kariya couldn’t care less about his own and betrayed his father, so it is a little hypocritical for him to attack him about family. Then again, Tokiomi gave Sakura to Zouken, of all people. It is mostly that fact that makes his decision seem so bad. If I were Kariya, I’d probably leave that creepy vampire too. My feelings are that Tokiomi had good intentions, but he’s more in the wrong for sacrificing Sakura’s soul and happiness in order to obtain her magic potential. And I just can’t blame Kariya too harshly for the kind of family he has.

The new OP song, “to the beginning” by Kalafina rocks. Way better than the first one.

Eleven more episodes of epicness coming right up!


3 thoughts on “Fate/zero Episode 14

  1. Yeah! I waited for so long for this… And it’s finally here^^

    I actually loved this episode – there isn’t anything better than loads of action to get back on track. However, I didn’t exactly like the CG… I mean, the battle was still awesome, but I can say I preferred the description from the novel, as I anticipated something better. I don’t know, maybe my expectations for that scene were too high? Well, I’m sure it also has to do with the nature of the battle – an aerial battle could hardly be animated much better than that.
    I guess my other favorite battles (Saber vs. Rider; Saber vs. Berserker – which is pretty awesome before she breaks down emotionally ; and, of course, Kiritsugu vs. Kirei) won’t disappoint me.

    That aside, the rest of the episode was pretty much perfect. I love how they handled the dialog between Tokiomi and Kariya (which for me was the actual highlight of the episode, and also something I was eagerly waiting to see animated), showing those images of Sakura, Rin and Aoi.
    As for the actual content of the dialog, I have do agree with you that it’s rather wrong to deem Tokiomi as being evil, as he does care for his daughters and wishes for both to fulfill their potential. However, his views are to conditioned by a Mage’s ideals, and in his words you can note that he speaks under the assumption that both of his daughters would share that mindset of what happiness is. Kariya, on the other hand, as an obviously more human way to see things – not looking at the whole picture of the family bloodline, but of each member as an individual. And I wouldn’t call him an hypocrite. I mean, he left his family because he thought (and I unconditionally agree with him) that Zoken wasn’t a good family head. To him, for handing Sakura to the Matous, Tohsaka is equally in the wrong, therefore they’re the ones who aren’t caring for family properly, not him. (Seriously, no one can blame him for leaving Zoken.) Anyway, something I’d like your opinion on: Tokiomi clearly sees Sakura’s adoption as an opportunity for her since the Matous’ magic is more fitting to develop her potential with the “Imaginary Numbers”. But his he aware of the actual workings of it? I’ve always gotten the impression that he isn’t.

    OP and ED are godly. Both the songs (specially the OP) and the imagery. I love how the OP gives off a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness as it shows the master/servant pairs and then changes into a vibe of urgency and determination that still strikes as meaningless. They captured so well the feeling of the entire story there… I totally in love with it.
    The ED ended up being somewhat painful to watch. Especially after all that black mud in the OP. It’s kinda harsh seeing them as a couple and remembering that specific scene…

    Still, I’m totally happy you’ll be covering this! (So happy I ended up writing too much yet again xD I might have actually written more than your post…)

    • Woah, somebody seems even more excited than I am. :3

      Yeah, perhaps “hypocrite” isn’t the best word to use, since I agree with you about Kariya. It’s just that I can see where Tokiomi is coming from. In the end, it does come down to what kind of guy Zouken is to justify Kariya’s actions and frown upon Tokiomi’s.

      Now that you mention it, I don’t think Tokiomi understands the inner workings of “Imaginary Numbers” either. It was said in the novel that Tokiomi isn’t a genius, and his talents are mediocre compared to others in the family. Not to say he can’t be book smart about it, but it’s another thing to have an innate talent for it. I’d imagine that he can’t see it the same way that Sakura does. If she was chosen over Rin, or was the only daughter, I wonder how he would have trained her differently.

      • Yep, I’m really excited about it, that’s for sure xD

        Well, neither of them is wrong in their thinking, the biggest problem is that they’re way too narrow-minded to see through each other’s perspective. Sadly.

        I see. Thanks for sharing your opinion on it. It wasn’t quite clear in the novel but I also think that way. In fact, his apparent obliviousness to the reason of Kariya bringing up that topic made me think that he doesn’t have a total grasp of Sakura’s true fate in being adopted by the Matou’s.
        As for that last bit, I wondered about that to. Tokiomi specializes in jewel magic, so he uses “Elements”, not “Imaginary Numbers”. As you said, it is also explained that all he can do now was out of much effort and hardwork, since he’s far from being a prodigy. So I don’t think he could teach Sakura properly if she was his only daughter (I won’t mention the chance of her being chosen over Rin since their respective potentials obviously had a huge weight in the matter). More the reason for him to regard the request from the Matous as “a blessing”.

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