Pokemon: Best Wishes Episodes 72 & 73

The Unveiling Donamite! Scraggy VS Simisage!!
Quick Succession Donamite! Druddigon VS Bisharp

Satoshi, Shooti, Kenyan, Iris, Dento, Belle, Cabernet and Langley all meet up at the Donamite and enter that contest I spoke about. A battling contest spanning 4 episodes.
Anyway, might as well get it started..the quicker these battles are over, the better.The first round matches up Kenyan against some newcomer, Dent against a newcomer, Satoshi against a newcomer, Cabernet against Iris, Langley against some newcomer and Shootie against Belle.

Kenyan’s match sucked, to be blunt. Dento’s match was kinda cool, but that’s only because I always enjoy watching Dento fight. Next up was Satoshi with Scraggy…and quite why he picked Scraggy escapes me. I guess it is kinda cool that Scraggy learnt a new move, but that’s what I really hate about these battles…Satoshi looses, he learns a new move, he wins. The formula hasn’t changed.

Then we move onto Iris and Cabernet in the second episode. It..was alright. It was well balanced, but I didn’t like the way Cabernet fought…it seemed very petty and hateful. She deserved to loose, and Iris was fun to watch battle like always, even though she may be slightly overpowered. Oddly enough, the battle in the name of the episode lasted around 50 seconds and got concluded before Druddigon even got a move in.The guy with the Throh looked really, really really tough, though. Seeing him battle probably highlighted this episode. Shooti’s Conkulduur was nice, even though it WAS a little OTT. Anyway, see you in a few weeks time for the conclusion to this four-parter.


2 thoughts on “Pokemon: Best Wishes Episodes 72 & 73

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