First Impressions: Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2

Phi Brain 2

Whewww, what an awesome OP! Phi Brain returns with a revamped OP and a revamped scenario, with the evil POG having been crushed and Rook going on a journey. There’s one scene from the OP that I do want to see, though..xD I’m sure anyone who’s seen it wants to see that scene with Nonoha and her hair down. That means some serious shizzle is about to go down. Infact, i’m gonna cheat and include a screenshot of that this time.

I know I shouldn’t take about the OP too much, but does anyone know who Nano is? They’re got an amazing voice and sense of beat.

Anyway, things kick off after a message was hidden in some KEEP OUT tape plastered all over the school, and some form of high level mirror maze armed with explosives and bombs in the courtyard, and the only hints to get out where given by a guy who appears to seriously hate Kaito, and who originates from the Orpheus Order.

Either way, it’s promised a scenario that’s better than the one S1 had, and we have the bonus of starting with the characters already wonderfully developed. I think only time will be only to tell what the Orpheus Order will bring to the table, and if they’ll use that brainwashing and manipulation that they’re promised properly and not in a cheesy way.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2

  1. You know, I was definitely worried they wouldnt be able to match the kind of antagonist Rook was, with the back story and everything, but it looks like they might be able to pull it off. It looks like they’re going to be trying to turn Kaito’s friends against him, so it should work out.

    OP was definitely good. The intro to it was something else. But I’d say the ED was really good too.

    • Uhhh, the ED could’ve been much better. Personally, I think last season’s ED trumped this one.
      As for the antagonist, I also agree with you. Rook was fantastic and I was a bit worried on whether or not they’d be able to top it or not. I’m still a little skeptical but hopefully he’ll at least match up in terms of character.

      • I think that if anyone can do it, the director guy (forgot his name) can do it. He’s built an outstanding show already, and who’s to say that Rook won’t make a dynamic return? That promise that Orpheus Order is hunting Kaito over seems to be the one with Rook.

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