First Impression: Jormungand


Her name is Koko, she is loco, I said oh no!
Her name is Koko, she is loco, I said oh no!

It’s no wonder that this is called the sibling of Black Lagoon. Plenty of action, guns, and a cool albeit crazy female protagonist. Koko is an arms dealer, and she recruits a child soldier named Jonah to join her crew. Her personality is close to what I expected due to that creepy smile–upbeat, assertive, and a little childish at times, while Jonah appears to be rather unemotional. He doesn’t hesitate to kill people in cold blood, and he’s ridiculously skilled on top of that. The development between them should be quite interesting, eh?

I think I’ll get around to liking the rest of the crew. There are a lot of members, none of which stand out just yet, but I enjoy their close, playful comradeship. This episode reminded me of the beginning of Hellsing, where Integra just couldn’t wait to show off the skills and loyalty of her subordinates, grinning all the way. I just love that kind of attitude in Koko. I can’t wait to see just how insane she is to deserve her own hip hop song about it. o_O

So far, Jormungand is the closest contender to Fate/zero in terms of entertainment and production values this season, and the OP is among the best. For me, anyway. This is going to be a fun ride~ :3


3 thoughts on “First Impression: Jormungand

  1. “So far, Jormungand is the closest contender to Fate/zero in terms of entertainment and production values this sesason…”
    LoL at “sesason” xD (Wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t quoted it.)
    Anyway, you’re the second person I ‘hear’ saying that, so I guess I’ll pick this up now, rather than waiting for it to be finished as I initially planned. I guess that ever since I started following anime seasonly, I’ve never once picked up so many titles. I know that for some people 6 isn’t much, but I’m not a fan of watching too much at a time (I only watch one finsihed anime at a time + the airing ones). However, this season is looking great, so I can’t help it. And I may still pick up Sakamichi no Apollon if it looks good enough.

    • *sigh* It was after 4am. -_-

      Anyway, I hope you watch it! No idea if anyone is going to blog it here, though. I feel the same way about this season, lots of good titles. I’m watching 16 shows now, some of which I have to finish from last season. I have a bad habit of letting things pile up. D:

      I’m also watching a couple finished anime. Ace and I had a deal that if I completed Claymore, he would watch Fate/zero. xD

      • I make worse mistakes than that on a daily basis xD

        I’ve just watched the first episode and I really enjoyed it. It gives me Black Lagoon vibes but I find it way better thus far (although this was just one episode, so it’s not that much of a judgement). Mostly because of the characters: there wasn’t a single crew member I liked in Black Lagoon, and here the characters seem not only more liakble, but prone to recieve more depth. At least Koko and Johan, who were pretty much the ones that got more exposition in the premiere. I hope it doesn’t disappoint on that regard, because for me what makes ot breaks this type of series is how well the characters + action combo is played. The OP is good, but I still prefer Fate/Zero’s and Accel World’s OPs (and maybe the Kuroko no Basuke one too? Needs another listen for me to be able to tell). The ED, on the other hand, is my favorite this season. Anyway, I’m glad I picked this up.

        Well, no worries about blogging it or not, though I’m still expecting a review ;D
        Hum… I’m now watching 11 shows, 1 finished, 7 from this season, 2 from last and 1 OVA with months in between episodes. I guess my absolute max was 13, when I was rewatching some stuff with my father. (I absolutely had to show him Steins;Gate.) 16 is almost too tough for me to imagine xD

        That’s not a bad deal^^ (Especially for him, who gets to watch such a great show^^) Anyway, Claymore is a good series. Could have been better had it not taken a dive in writing quality towards the end, but it was still a solid 8/10 for me. I hope you’re enjoying it as well.

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