First Impressions: Tsuritama


What does everyone think of the new look? I’ve added a bunch of images designed by Liam and generally cleaned things up to help the blog’s navigation and appearance.  That also explains why I havn’t been covering anything lately, but i’ll get around to that starting now.

For starters, this is gorgeous. It’s got a brilliant style of modern-abstract, and it’s got a wonderful sense of how to create a world and instantly wonderful characters. It may just be another teenager as the male lead, but there’s just something different about him. What is it…realism? He portrays a nervous male character perfectly, and the abstract and fresh way it sets everything out just makes him more likeable. And then i’ve got to mention the grandmother; in a culture where the male leads don’t have anyone looking after them, and…ugh, i’ve lost what I meant to say. I think the biggest part is that the male lead is likeable and it’s really nice to see the touches of everyday life and his grandmother looking after him.

And then there’s the theme of fishing. In a world full of anime which try their hardest to steal ideas from each other yet improve on them, to see an anime about teenagers NOT do this and come with a theme that’s likeable is, well, perfectly suited to the Noitamina timeslot. With the ending promising more than meets the eye, i’ll blog this. :L


One thought on “First Impressions: Tsuritama

  1. Just caught this, and man, the art style IS gorgeous. This season is really pumping out a lot of different content, and couldn’t be better for it.

    But god. I hope Haru grows on me. I really really wanna like this.

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