First Impression: Eureka Seven Ao

Eureka Seven Ao

I enjoyed the first Eureka Seven, so I was looking forward to this. As expected, the animation by Bones is great, not to mention the soundtrack. Overall, it’s a much more interesting start with the apocalypse than Renton’s mundane life, and Ao’s personality is less annoying. It seems obvious that his mother is Eureka, which is cool, though I gotta wonder what happened to her.

However, the story is very confusing with all that technical jargon: G-monster, Scrub Burst, FP, Pied Piper, and etc. Why are the G-monsters attacking, anyway? What are the different sides? What’s going on? D: -pulls hair- Well, I trust the series will explain all that in good time, and it seems promising enough. At the very least, I can follow the “innocent kid suddenly gets power” trope for now. The main thing I’m worried about is how this will fair compared to the adventurous first season. Will it only take place on the island? Will it have a monster-of-the-week formula? Not saying those are bad things in every case, but they can get old quick.


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