Kimi to Boku 2 Episode 2

Mary’s Christmas

Oh man, that entire rumour skit was fantastic. It made me crack up, especially when Chizuru jumped on Kaname whilst Koichi(teacher)questioned that rumour. But anyway, it’s all cute, funny yet sad at the same time that Chizuru cares for Mary, yet she kinda just ignores him all the time. It’s actually pretty upsetting when he does something nice to try to get her attention and she ignores him. She made me almost tear up with her attitude xD

Maybe it’s just these two episodes, but Chizuru seems to have changed a little bit. Love got to him~. He still seems a little bouncy, but ever since Mary stepped into the spotlight I think he calmed down a bit…I noticed that now after comparing him to what he was last season. I also think Chizuru should have his hair down. He looks better that way, don’t you guys think? d:


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