Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Episode 2

.357 Magnum

Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Episode 2: .357 Magnum

Before I get started, I’d just like to point out a fun fact. There is absolutely no mention, or appearance from our favorite theif Lupin. Not once is he seen in the entire episode.. This also marks the first time I have experienced such a thing. With a title like Lupin the Third, you think you’d see Lupin.. Other notable characters missing, Inspector Zenigata, and Goemon Ishikawa. (Though he’s yet to be introduced, so that one’s understandable).

All right, so now we enter episode two, to my surprise it turned out to be a pretty damn good episode. Not only for the fact my favorite character; Daisuke Jigen appears, but also it’s just a very good episode overall.

The episode starts off with Fujiko in a casino, when she’s approached by a mysterious woman, who happens to own said casino. Mystery woman asks Fujiko if she’s willing to gamble. Mystery woman then places her casino up for grabs. Fujiko states that she has nothing of value for this bet, where Mystery woman claims that she does; Fujiko herself. So Fujiko ends up losing the bet, and now is working for Mystery woman; who is known by Ciccolina. Ciccolina asks for two wishes from Fujiko, one being to steal the .357 Magnum from Daisuke Jigen; The man with the 0.03 draw. Ciccolina knows for a fact, that Jigen’s .357 Magnum is his life, and uses this in hopes of luring Jigen to her. the other wish is to “see this to the end”. Fujiko then seen at a strip club; pole dancing. Catching the millionaire Rin Chin Chin’s eye. They set off to the millionairs estate, where we are introduced to Daisuke Jigen “Mr. Bodyguard”, who offs two assassin’s who were behind both Rin Chin Chin, and Fujiko.

I will say right off the bat, Jigen carries this episode greatly. So much so I wouldn’t have minded if the whole series was about him.. No disrespect to Fujiko though, because she indeed steals Jigen’s .357 Magnum successfully. With a clever disguise, as a seductive geisha girl. Fujiko using her seductive abilities, getting closer to Jigen as she uses a unique ancient technique which renders Jigen temporarily paralized. Returning to Ciccolina, Fujiko gives the gun to her. Ciccolina is pleased, Fujiko asks then if Ciccolina is going to kill Jigen. We find out that Ciccolina and Jigen had a past together. Working as a bodyguard for Maccherone (husband of Ciccolina), we then find out that Cicciolina is suicidal. Now, not only does Jigen have to protect Maccherone, but also Ciccolina. Turns out Ciccolina is in a abusive relationship with her husband Maccherone, which would probably explain her state of mind. It should be noted that Ciccolina has romantic feelings for Jigen, which is explored pretty well. Maccherone meets his end by Jigen.

Jigen is called out by Ciccolina to settle the score, or so it would seem. A showdown starts as guns sound off. Jigen easily offs Ciccolina’s henchmen, and one final confrontation is set into motion. Ciccolina raises Jigen’s .357 Magnum towards Jigen. Jigen responded with a shot, which hits Ciccolina. Jigen walks to Ciccolina, he holding her in his arms, realizing there was no bullet in the chamber of the .357 Magnum. Jigen asks why Ciccolina would do something like this, she replied that she would have no other way, to be put out of her hurting existence, than from the one she really truly loved. Fujiko is seen by Ciccolina’s grave, and knows what she meant by “Seeing this to the end”, as Ciccolina’s final wish is granted. Fujiko just about to set off, crosses Jigen at the cemetery. Jigen states he’s tired of killing, and would prefer a more suiting career as a thief. Fujiko states that one day they’ll meet again. Jigen closes the episode with shooting off a few rounds into the sky, with his .357 Magnum.

All being said, I really loved this episode. Granted there is no Lupin at all this episode, Jigen really steals the show this time, and I look forward to when the gang is all together once again!

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