Fate/zero Episode 15

Golden Glow

EXCALIBUR!!! Need I say more?

Well if you want me to keep going, then… this episode is amazing. Whether or not you knew what was coming, I think we can all agree on that. The scene where Tokiomi unleashes fire on Kariya is really intense. I mean, it’s great to finally see him do something, but it’s also hard to watch Kariya suffer like that for a good cause…with the bugs, the blood popping out of his skin, and then being engulfed in flames. Jeezus. I don’t quite know if Kirei saving his life is a blessing or not. If I were him, I’d be like…man, this sucks. xD

It’s really neat how the servants work together. Rider traps Caster in a reality marble to buy the others time. *wishes I could have seen inside.* Once Lancer and Gilgamesh help clear Berserker away from Saber, Rider drops Caster in front of her to face her noble phantasm. EXCALIBUR!!! *enjoys shouting this if you can tell* The humans play an important role as well, as Emiya signals the spot and Waver communicates that to Rider’s subordinate. Lol at Irisviel, the crazy driver, for getting freaked out over a phone.

So yeah, Caster finally says bye-bye. He’s lucky. His death looks way too peaceful, with Joan holding her hand out and guiding him towards the light… But it’s the light that makes Saber so awesome and beautiful. *sparkle sparkle* Upon evaluating Saber’s performance, it’s funny how Rider still says “But she’s just a little giiirl” and Gilgamesh is clearly impressed…in a tad creepy way. No wait, I think Kirei’s smirk is creepier. Anyways. So much awesomeness to come next that I’m really pumped up~ x3 Though I did manage to refrain from completing the last volume so the anime would surprise me a little bit.


4 thoughts on “Fate/zero Episode 15

  1. What!? You didn’t finsih the last volume? (Crap, and to think I almost let out a huge spoiler on my last post… Glad you said that now.)

    Yep, EXCALIBUR! xD This is one of the parts that really benefits for being animated. That was seriously awesome. That was just… *stands wordlessly* Yeah, whatever. The dialog between Rider and Gilgamesh was also pretty good, and though I actually find their discussion valid (is sacrificing all for an unreachable ideal beautiful and commendable or tragic and pitiful?), Gilgamesh’s arguments are anything but fitting. Here is when we get that he likes her because she’s walking a self-destructive path and he’s a sadistic bastard.

    Tokiomi’s fire didn’t disappoint either, and that was a hell of an impacting scene. Seriously, every scene with Kariya makes me either want to rage or cry.
    Ahhh, Kirei, how do you manage to be so interesting and yet so hateful…

    Anyway, now that the squid is out of the way… Let the best part begin!

    • I’d hope you wouldn’t post spoilers =p The big bad boss watches over all comments and would have to give you a telling off.

      But in all seriousness, what do you mean by “good part”? Isn’t it just going to be more fighting and talking too much?

      • What Mimi said. It’s all about the drama xD Anyway, the last stretch of the series includes my two favorite dialogs, my two favorite fighting scenes and… well, I can’t exactly describe the reasons but, it just felt better plot-wise as well overall. Not to mention that it’s a lot heavier in character development. Specially for Kiritsugu, who ain’t got much so far.

        And yep, you’re totally right about the spoilers. I have to be mindful of you and possibly any readers of the blog who haven’t read the novels. So rest assured, I’ll refrain from doing that^^

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