Kimi To Boku 2 Episode 3

Very Christmas

This weeks episode of Kimi To Boku revolves around Akira, an unknown character. He’s Koichi’s friend from high school, who is short, looks young, and is immature like Tachibana. He doesn’t really have much common sense, and he’s kind of oblivious towards his surroundings. Though, if this episode was going to focus on Akira, they should of given us a little bit more of a background than they did. I kept wondering if he was a teacher, or some karate teacher because he flipped someone onto the ground, which was pretty awesome.

Chizuru, Shun, Kaname, Yuki, and Yuta wanted to watch movies all night (Welll, maybe just Chizuru). As they go to the mall to rent more DVD’s they meet Akira and Koichi. The only thing we really found out about him is that he’s being Santa Clause for the Christmas event taking place at the mall. The episode was great overall, but it does have its ups and downs. One thing I’ve kinda noticed is they always “Accidentally” make Shun wear womans clothing. He may seem feminine, buh c’monnn. The only thing I wish this episode had was more information on who Akira is.


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