Gaming Review: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni: Symphony of Golden Dreams CROSS FINALE

And the biggest title award goes to this game! But yeah, I said that I would do a final review when all the characters were out, and boy, did they change things up. It’s your traditional 2D fighting game, and it’s not all that well known in the West, but it’s the best 2D fighter i’ve played in a long time, putting games like BlazBlue to shame.

Firstly, though, if you’re interested in the game, this is actually it’s third version, with the first version being found here >Click< and the second version being found here >Click<. The game has built it’s own engine and slowly improved off that, leading to the final version, complete with balance patches, bugfixes and all 19 characters being playable.

You may be wondering just how 3 characters can change things up so easily, but that’s a pretty stupid question when it’s the strongest characters in the franchise. Willard H Wright of the SSVD is a combo-boosting maniac, with an ability that increases the combo-power of every character in the game. Lambdadelta, the Witch of Certainty is a character which focuses on keeping the opponent away, yet wins with certainty thanks to her amazing matchups against the characters, and Bernkastel, the Witch of Miracles is a rushdown orientated character, with some amazing mindgames and options to pressure the opponent.

Like I said above, Willard makes the combos that everyone can do easier, and opens up new options for them to do. The introduction of him into the frey gives everyone the choice to go with crazy combos, instead of just using the stronger attacks and mid-lengthed combos. Lambdadelta helps those characters who suffer from being rushed and pressured, with her ability emptying the block bar and her moves stopping the fiercer enemies from having their way. She also puts a stop to projectile spammers, which means that characters like Chiester410 are out of a job. And finally, Bernkastel. Well. Bernkastel’s ability makes the meta world last 25% longer, giving Battler that extra regeneration, Dlanor that extra time with double-health, and everyone extra time to use their ultra-powerful attack some more. With her attacks being able to stretch across the screen, she can pressure the opponent and block-whores easily, whilst being incredibly powerful in close range.

Characters like Lucifer and Kanon are still around, since rather fantastically, no character is useless in this game and there isn’t really a bottom-tier. But the over-powered ones from the days of CROSS and even the original are no longer spammed online, and there’s a much wider character use, with all 19 being viable and actually used against humans and the AI. But this version of Symphony of Golden Dreams really is the icing in the cake, solidifying this game as the best 2D fighter i’ve had the pleasure of playing to date, thanks to its incredible balance, it’s bug-free engine and the huge selection of viable characters to play as. If you’re a fan of any form of 2D fighters, then it doesn’t matter that you don’t know the characters…get this game!


3 thoughts on “Gaming Review: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni: Symphony of Golden Dreams CROSS FINALE

  1. Oh man now I really want to play this! Ever since they added Dlanor, Erika, Lambdadelta, Will and Bernkastel!! Thanks for adding the links!!

  2. I’m not familiar with the Umineko series, but this game certainly looks cool. What system is it on? I imagine it’s not available in English. Did you play it in Japanese?

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