Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 2


Yep, I am really enjoying this. Usually in anime, the teen romance/beach stuff annoy me to death, but that’s not the case here at all. Why? Because the characters have likeable, mature personalities and live in a distinct culture (and the fact there’s no big boobs or nose bleed reactions). Every once in a while, they’ll just chill out in the basement of a record shop and play jazz music. In the summer of 1966. Beside the seaside. With love in the air. Talk about atmosphere.

Even though Kaoru is considered to be the weakest one of the bunch, all he needs is a little push from Sentarou and Ritsuko to become more adventurous. He’s been a loner most of his life, so you can also tell how eager he is to step out of his comfort zone and make friends. It turns out that they really complement each other. In this episode, he tries to fit in by fighting bullies with Sentarou, playing jazz piano, and swimming, among other things. I just had to smile when he chimed in with the piano. Plus, Kaoru’s crush on Ritsuko is really really cute. The only things I don’t care for are his silly daydreams, but least they don’t happen too often. xD

Two new characters get introduced: the trumpet guy who is an older, close friend of Sentarou and Ritsuko, and a pretty woman whom Sentarou saves and quickly falls in love with. I think that’s all the characters in the OP. Well, I have no idea where this show is going to go, aside from Kaoru getting more into the swing of things. Due to that sudden tension with Sentarou on the boat, I get a feeling that something dramatic is waiting to happen. o.o Not that I don’t mind the lighthearted ‘hang out’ time, especially when they play music. This has the potential to land in my top five favorite Noitamina anime. :3


One thought on “Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 2

  1. This is good. Really good. As someone who doesn’t delve to much into staff members hype, (unless I know the source material) I wasn’t actually expecting it to be THIS good. But two episodes in and I’m totally enthralled into the atmosphere. The mood is relaxing, the episodes seem to be over in 5 mins and the characters behave realistically. I couldn’t ask for much more from this type of series. Also, the gorgeous drumming animation is an awesome bonus^^ It looks so fluid…

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