Tsuritama Episode 2

The Frustrating Uni Knot

Tsuritama, the show standing at the top of the season by miles, with the lead character suffering from anxiety issues. I don’t what it is about Noitamina this season and having the leads with anxiety, but Tsuritama manages it in a much better way than Kids on the Slope.

But, anyway, more wacky stuff happens. Haru’s sister turns up, armed with another one of those water pistols, and we get to see what people actually look like when they’re brainwashed, and how Haru has complete control over them. We then go back to fishing, where Yuki has another panic attack and runs away.

Well, that’s the basic layer of what happened this episode. A lot of stuff happens underneath the surface, and it’s one of those shows which you need to watch to truely appreciate. The manner in which we get to see Yuki’s thoughts come to life, the way the grandmother acts the part of a realistic parent, and the way in which the realistic side of fishing comes to light are like the icing on a cake, with the Indian-Guy-With-A-Duck who’s 25 yet transferred into their classroom moving into a leading role and some backstory on the prince serving as the little chocolate buttons on top, Tsuritama is really…tasty.


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