Fate/zero Episode 16

The End of Honor

Intense…and heartbreaking. Lancer’s final scene in the anime affected me way more than the novel after seeing those bloody tears and hearing that painful cry. But it’s really the way he dies that makes it so tragic–forced to commit suicide by his own blade, just as he was finally allowed the pleasure to fight Saber as a noble warrior. His only pleasure. And it’s even worse after all the hatred Kayneth spewed at him…after killing Risei. Gosh, what a depressing episode… D:

At the same time, I can’t exactly hate Kiritsugu for how he duped Kayneth, cuz I didn’t like him or Sola to begin with. He’s a hard man to judge, as he uses harsh methods to get rid of the other Masters and Servants, yet he’s willing to sacrifice himself to “save the world.” The cold hard truth of humanity drives him as opposed to Saber’s chivalry, which brings up very interesting topics about human nature, the goodness/hellishness of war, heroes, honor, and etc. Is Saber wrong and Kiritsugu right? Or is Kiritsugu being way too extreme and contradictory?

Well, we’ve seen Kiritsugu and Kirei mean pretty serious business now, so the suspense around their inevitable battle is killing me. I’m amazed at myself for not reading much further than this point. xD After the next episode, it’ll be mostly new material for me.


4 thoughts on “Fate/zero Episode 16

  1. It’s all new material to me, but the clash between Saber’s noble ideals and Kiritsugu’s cynical realism is an old one that dates all the way back to Mencius (human nature is good, but society corrupts and causes bad character) and Xun Z (human nature is originally bad, therefore, civilization develops good behavior. 3000 year old dialogue in contemporary anime, heh.

    Powerful episode.

  2. Just as I expected: best episode so far.
    It does have one flaw though – the scene where Kirei mourns over his father’s death wasn’t included. It’d better be either on the next episode or in the Blu-ray version or I’ll rage. Because it is of utmost importance, both for the plot, and for Kirei’s development as a character. You could even call it somewhat of a turning point.

    Anyway, that aside, great episode. I really liked Lancer and I hated the way he died. It was really tragic that everything was denied from him, and his reaction had quite the impact, as he cursed allies and enemies alike for he couldn’t distinguish between them anymore. For him, it was as if the whole world was against him. But I have to say, he was extremely naive in thinking someone would have his wish of a fair fight into account when the prize for winning is an all-powerful device….

    Though naiveness is a constant in this series. Well, I don’t exactly find Kiritsugu and Saber naive as much as I find them extremely stubborn in their ideals, despite being aware of their impossibilities. As for their different views, I don’t find either to be correct. Their both being “too extreme and contradictory” to use your words. They both took an imense burden upon themselves and sacrifice everything they have to fulfill their goal of saving the world. The only difference is that while Saber follows an ideological path, and taking into account the actions that lead to the final result to be almost (and this ‘almost’ will be relevant) as important as the outcome, Kiritsugu has resigned to the fact that he can’t save everyone by sacrificing only himself, and took the practical way of consequentialism. Well, I can side with both in some of their points, but I still think they take their ideologies to unreasonable extremes.

    This was one of my favorite dialogs from the novel, and I’m really happy with how it turned out animated. Irisviel’s expressions were also really fitting here. All in all, a great episode. And from now until the end, the plot quality doesn’t drop one bit and it just keeps getting better, so I hope the adaptation quality stays at this level.

  3. I assumed that the part with Kirei mourning over his father was going to be in the next episode. Yeah, they better include it or ELSE. >>

    Anyway, to both of you, that was very well said and much better than I could put it during my rushed time. And we always enjoy reading your delightfully detailed comments, so please keep ’em coming. ^^

    Alex and I discussed this episode further yesterday. The part with Lancer cursing his allies despite Saber was obviously shocked/hurting, and Kayneth getting duped so easily plus choosing Sola over salvaging his role in Holy Grail War bugged him, and I can see why. We didn’t realize how much Kayneth cared for Sola before this point, and who would after her torture treatments? However, when you take their suffering and desperation for survival into consideration, I think they’re excusable and result in a very powerful episode. Agreed, this is the best episode so far in terms of emotional impact. Before this it was pretty much all of Kariya’s depressing torture scenes. xD Ugh… *still haunted by Lancer’s bloody eyes* D: And we liked the dialogue as well. It’s the clash between Saber and Kiritsugu that make them so fascinating. Shirou was such an annoying/uninteresting master because he kept sacrificing himself for her. xD

    And I’m looking forward to Alex’s first impression on the lovely Hyouka~ x3

    • Well, it does give off the impression that Kayneth really cared for Sola, and it seems to be that case. …to some point. There’s a part in the novel that explains the arranged marriage and he does seem to love her, but it’s still hard for me to admit he’d care for her strongly enough to give up the fight. But the truth is that besides Sola, he still had loads of reasons to sign the contract. First of all, Kiritsugu could kill not only Sola but also Kayneth himself from that position if he refused and he had no means of avoiding it. Second, even if Kiritsugu only killed Sola, Lancer would be without a mana source, and Kayneth couldn’t provide it from then on, since he had had his Magic Circuits completely destroyed by the Origin Bullet back then, so either Lancer would contract another Master or disappear.

      In sum, when rationally taking all possibilities into account, that was still the safest choice, since whatever happened, he’d be out of the Holy Grail War for good. Better out of the Holy Grail War and alive then lose it for being killed.

      Yeah, that’s exactly what makes them so fascinating (that’s actually what makes them my favorite characters from Fate/Zero, though that has a lot to do with the last novel too, since their development is what happens latest). And I also agree that Saber is a lot better in Fate/Zero than in Fate/Stay Night, exactly due to the much more interesting and conflicting Master/Servant relationship and and thought provoking clash of ideals. And yep, I also found Shirou very annoying.

      And it’s exactly his first impression that will decide whether I watch it or not xD

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