Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle Episode 3

Smilies Trap

Huh, so Phi Brain IS going in the “brainwashed person of the week” format, contrary to what I expected. With this, that female member of the puzzle club gets some much needed development, but at the same time, she just makes the other two members of the puzzle club more obnoxious. I hope they get brainwashed soon.

But when I think about it, why doesn’t the headmaster just issue a warning that a cult is handing out dangerous pieces of jewellery and you’re not to accept one? The touch of not putting Nonoha as the damsel in distress was a really nice touch, and it added a nice conversation between the two of them at the end, but these kind of episodes were why I gave up on Phi Brain the first time around…I really don’t like the “baddie of the week” format, unless it’s done well…and it’s hard to continuously do it well.


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