Everyone loves Updates

So, half the reason i’m writing this post is to keep you lot updated, and the other half is to be a little bit lazy when it comes to Tsuritama tomorrow! Oh hoh hoh hoh. And now to talk in the third person just to confuse you.

Anyway, just some more updates. Alex re-arranged the theme AGAIN (look what happens when he gets bored) and Ace has been really busy working on a surprise, and we’re ready to unveil the That Jazzy Guy’s Nostalgic Anime! (Or TJGNA for short.) I would steal the spotlight and describe it for Ace, but I think he’s got a post coming up soon which details everything about it. It’s basically our version of a classics corner, and it should bring some lovely variety to this blog.

Anyway, to talk categories, Alex is going to drop Pokemon. It’s been a fun ride, but he’s got tired of it now. He’ll do a review of episodes 40-80 and 80-Finish, but he won’t cover it weekly anymore. And he won’t be picking up anything else, either. We’re also gonna update the review index to have a little name by the side of who wrote it, just for fun and the like…so expect some tiny changes soon.


One thought on “Everyone loves Updates

  1. Speaking of classics, has any one of you seen the anime movie Gotou ni Naritai? It was made in 1995, but Evetaku subbed it earlier in the month. It’s beautiful! You should watch it when you have the chance! Maybe it can be covered in the new Classics Corner!

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