Gaming Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Everyone, shield your eyes! Here i’ll show you everything NOT to do in a game, and make my first truely negative and critical review simply becuase i’ve never done it before.

Sonic 2006…is a bad game. A terrible game. You can play as Sonic, who runs fast, Shadow who runs around the same speed yet has SUPER POWERS or Silver who uses psychic powers to manipulate objects.Except half the time, you won’t actually be playing as these people, you’ll be playing as one of Sonic’s many friends, be it Tails, Amy or Blaze.  You have to stop Doctor Eggman from his evil plans, save the future or something alone those lines.

However, things aren’t really all that dandy. Sonic has sadly broken his ankle or something, and can now only run about as fast as your average person, and he forgot how to curl into a ball to jump. He remembered how to homing attack, but he must have been hit on the head and forgot how to do it right. Silver is even slower, walking at around the same speed as your average human, who has to use the shoulder buttons to pick up an object and fling it around. Shadow actually runs faster than Sonic, but he has the option to drive cars and bikes around if he wants to. And it really sucks when you’re forced into driving them.

On top of that, all the side-characters you play as have utterly terrible controls, handling around as well as a shopping trolley at your local supermarket with only 1 wheel. They have stupid mechanics, stupid ideas and move so slow that you wonder if everyone has suffered a tragic accident and broken their ankles so that they cant run.

Characters aside, you get to navigate a huge hub-world, complete with a boring setting with boring music and boring looking buildings. In doing this, you have to find the warps to bring you to the next level or do a Town Mission. However, the setting is SO big that it’s not unheard of for a poor person to spend ages just wondering around the map trying to figure out what the hell they have to do next. There are hardly any prompts, and almost all the people you talk to have nothing of any interest to say whatsoever.

However, there are a few features that save the game from being utterly terrible. The majority of the time, level design is amazingly terrible, however…there are a few instances where the level design is pretty cool. They’re few and far between, but at least all the time you spent playing it is terrible. Secondly, the stories. Sonic saves a princess, and that story is utterly terrible. However, Shadow and Silver’s stories aren’t actually that bad. The ambition is there, and there ARE moments of amazing script-writing. However, it’s just an instance of more-often than not being let down by a poor execution, seeing as time travel and multiple time-lines are something which you can’t handle with a half-hearted attempt.

That feels like the way the game works more often than not, actually. It’s got the ambition and the ideas to work brilliantly, but it falls flat on it’s face when it counts. Ultimately, this becomes a recurring theme for Sonic games starting from this point on, with terrible game-play yet an ambitious plot. If I can take one good thing from this game, it’s that it introduced Silver, and he’s much better than Sonic (overly cocky to the point of annoyance), and better than Shadow (Who’s too emo and silent at times), and he generally is a breath of fresh-air in the world of terrible characterization in video games. But you’re better of watching a Lets-Play or something on Youtube than buying this game, to be honest.  It’ll just frustrate you.


One thought on “Gaming Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

  1. Game wasn’t that bad, dude. I agree, the ambition behind Sonic 06 is its best quality – and one that I think makes it one of the better Sonics. But, even through its (extremely overexaggerated) flaws, it just wasn’t the calamity that some have tried to make it out. Even in its current state, it has some very prevalent charms that make it worth playing. And who knows? Other people might find something(s) to like about it. 🙂

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