Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 4

Take Care of the Counter Attack!

This might be getting more ridiculous with the sparkly power ups and excessive talking, but hey, it’s all good fun! The game is completely driven by surprises, as Taiga and Kuroko deliver a bunch of tricks to beat Kise. Some unexpected things happen, like Kise accidently hitting Kuroko hard enough to make him bleed/faint. o_O But because of that, the other players finally get some attention: Hyuga Junpei, the multiple personality clutch shooter, Mitobe Rinnosuke, the hardworking unsung hero, and etc. Plus, the re-energized Kuroko is able to return to help make that miracle win. I don’t care that it’s cheesy, I’m just glad to see Kise lose. That is some crazy hard effort for a mere practice game. And uh oh, here comes the narcissistic, green-haired glasses boy from the Generation of Miracles whom I will probably want to see get beaten even more. :3

If there’s one thing I’m getting picky about, it’s the music. It started out great, but playing the OP song during game? Meh. xD


2 thoughts on “Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 4

  1. This is definitely a shounen at the core of it. But hey, at least the characters are enjoyable and the animation is great. Despite there being better written shows this season I am enjoying this show the most [b]by far[/b].

  2. I have to agree with Justin on one thing – this is a shounen, so not much can be done about the “sparky power-ups”. Kuroko’s blue pass lines don’t bother me anyway, though I did cringe at Kise’s flashy play.

    Still, I’m loving this. Yes, the game had too much talking, but the tension was masterfully built and the animation was also really good. Moreover, it’s basketball! (Which might indicate that I’m a little biased since it’s my favorite sport.)

    About the music, I actually liked the use of the opening in the game. I really like the song, and I usually love when OPs are used during actual episodes, though that’s usually reserved for real climaxes and finales.

    But I’m actually more interested in next week’s episode, since it seems we’re gonna know some more about Kuroko.

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