Gaming Review: Ivy The Kiwi?

From the creator of Sonic, a little game about a kiwi who needs to find it’s mother. When I say it’s a little game, it’s a very little game. It lasts about two-three hours, but the time it lasts is fun.

Your character keeps running in a direct line, and you have to steer the character to the goal. Essentially, you do this by waving  the Wii pointers and drag it to create a vine for your character to run along. It’s simple yet effective, as all the stages gradually climb an incline of difficulty, starting off with simple obstacles and eventually turning into roaming baddies and moving boulders, and generally stuff like that.

When accompanied with simple gameplay, the only solution is to have a really simple graphic and soundtrack. The graphics in this show are nothing short of fantastic, with a very fairy-tale theme and colour scheme. The soundtrack also follows theme, with a rather quaint yet attractive selection of songs. They DO get slightly repetitive after a while, though, and you find yourself wanting to turn the music off.

For a game that lasts two-three hours, you’d expect it to be on the iPod or something, however, not on the Wii. It’s fun, and it’s a good game to play, but don’t spend more than a fiver on this…what you get from it is hardly worth how much it costs.


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