The Legend of Korra Episode 4

The Voice in the Night

Man, these episodes always seem packed with events, feeling as if they’re longer than twenty minutes, yet can be summed up so quickly. Korra joins a special task force to capture Amon and finally admits her fear of him. That’s it, aside from a new character getting introduced. I guess the build-up of short scenes make the episode seem long: Korra’s party, Chi Blocker operation, the airbender kids being hilarious, dinner, Mako’s date, meeting Hiroshi Sato, Tenzin and Korra’s quiet time, Korra petting her polar bear dog…you get the picture. I just feel so satisfied at the end of every episode, like I’d just eaten a full course dinner.

I hope that Mako’s date, Asami, isn’t thrown in there for the sake of making a love triangle. Her generous help seems too good to be true. *always suspicious of new characters* Well, if you wanna know what peaked my curiosity the most in this episode, it’s Korra’s flashback of Aang and his old pals. What was going on there?

By the way, Steve Blum makes such a great Amon. He’s my brother’s favorite voice actor in anime (most notably Spike in Cowboy Bebop), so I hope that will be enough to make him watch this. xD


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