Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 5

Your Basketball

Er…Kise cried? *feels bad now* D: Well, not really, but he’s suddenly way more likeable in this episode, especially when he teams up with Kuroko and Taiga for a little street basketball. They sure show those punks. Ironically, the animation is much better here compared to the big important games. Ah well, I was grinning all the way, having my fun. :3

The female coach is up to her usual sadistic ways, forcing her players to consume an ungodly amount of steak under thirty minutes just so they can get the steak for free. Of course, that challenge means nothing to Taiga, who saves the day for them. xD Seeing all the players hang out like this finally gives us a chance to know ’em and their personality quirks. Fun fun!

Once again, Kuroko explains to Kise that he left his previous team because he hated basketball back then. Or rather, there seemed to be something missing, like the player’s sincere passion for basketball. It’s not all about winning, so that’s why he’s attracted to Taiga’s strong spirit. Kise predicts that they’ll break up eventually when he turns into a bratty member of the Generation of Miracles…but hopefully that won’t happen.

As expected, I don’t like the new guy, Midorima…or that creepy frog of his. I definitely want to see his butt get whooped. >:3


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