Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Episode 4

Night of the Knights

Now, that was an interesting start. I don’t remember if there was someone called Klondike, but it’s interesting enough to see the order interacting with each other and to see that Freecell isn’t actually the leader…and that Melancholy is scared of him.Following up from that, we see everyone doing their own little things to track down the next victim; Nonoha’s jumping random people, Cubic is researching their effects and Anna is telling the animals all about them.Uh, what? Did Anna ever have the power to talk to animals?

At any rate, it’s intereting that they use a different type of ring to the ones Kaito and Rook had. It appears that they’re forcing the fake armlets onto people to research how well they do, and how much they’re controlled. It may not be much, but it was a great touch to see Phi Brain attempting to break away from the “victim of the weak” scenario, and generally seeing more of how cut-throat the order is. And on top of that, they tried to get Gyamon’s sister..yet failed. I don’t know if that’s a taunt or a genuine slip-up, but proper badguys are epic. Then again, I don’t know if setting their ultimate goal as raising the average IQ in the human race is all that scary.

The rest of the episode is focused on a rather demonic game of capture the square. The quips and charms of all the members on Kaito’s team showed, where Cubic tried to make a strategy and got laughed at, Anna just tried to make a funny emoticon, Kaito layed out a gameplan and Gyamon finished the game into a draw. Yet, it appeared that the whole of the order knew Kaito instead of just Freecell…which was rather odd.


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