Hyouka Episode 3

Troubled Descendant of the Classic Literature Club

Chitanda, the girl so easy to distract it’s almost funny. “Please help me find my uncle!” then she changes her mind and gets back on the subject of the club anthologies.Sure, the anthologies are linked to her uncle, but the speed in which she turns right around is slightly…alarming.

It was an interesting little case, but is smoking really that bad in Japan? It’s frowned upon in the UK, but not to the point where someone would cover it up that much.Anyway, anthologies found, Chitanda’s back on the case of her lost uncle, and what happened 45 years ago in the club.

I appreciate the build-up and the way it’s slowly introducing us to the mystery, but i’m curious to get my teeth into the main one…is it going to be the stuff about her uncle?


2 thoughts on “Hyouka Episode 3

  1. Uhm, Eru never asked him to “find her uncle”. She asked him to uncover what her uncle said to her 10 years ago about the Classics Club. The anthologies are a clue to the main mistery.

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