Lupin III: Fujiko Mine Episode 5

Blood-Soaked Triangle

The episode starts off with Lupin trying to wow Fujiko, with some very extraordinary roses, made from very brilliant gems. Lupin & Fujiko speak about a rare treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. Fujiko and Lupin strike a deal, and Lupin sets off.

Meanwhile, Jigen is on his own adventure. After being swindled from his belongings in a small Egyptian market, he needs some sort of income, so he too goes in search of the treasure. While there, he encounters many booby traps, and the like. He manages to evade them, and discover who is setting off the traps. It’s none other than Lupin himself, they square off as they try to kill each other. One thing leads to another, and they eventually lose each other in the process of battle. They meet up once again, in a small scorpion-infested room. After solving a puzzle, they are sent down to the very pits of hell. A quicksand whirlpool of sorts captures Lupin & Jigen. Just as when things can’t get any worse, Fujiko shows up and says she’ll find the treasure. Lupin & Jigen escape.

Now, the three members are united, and search for the treasure together. They find the Gem Peacock. (The treasure they were searching for). However, in order to get out of the pyramid with their lives, they must part ways with the treasure, and put it into a keyhole. Which they do, and through the fire, they escape.

Lupin, Fujiko, and Jigen are outside. Lupin meets Fujiko off, saying they’ll meet again. Just when he’s walking away, Lupin meets Jigen once again, Jigen introduces himself, and states this won’t be the last time Lupin will see of him.

All in all, I really loved this episode, my new favorite of the series so far. We definitely need more episodes like this!~

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