Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 6

Let Me Tell You Two Things

Hi there^^ I’m Dusk, one of the two new writers for meepinganime and I’ll be covering Kuroko’s Basketball and Fate/Zero from now on. I have a bad habit to write exaggeratedly long posts so if you find them boring blame it on Alex’s awful organization skills that fortunately allowed me a place in this blog xD

So, on to the episode itself.

No Generation of Miracles this week. Naturally, 5 people can’t be everywhere and there ought to be other strong opponents out there. This time, Seirin will play a rather average team which got a huge boost from the inclusion of a ridiculously tall foreign player.

The episode came off as somewhat disappointing after some really interesting character development last week. I mean, the first half was just outright pointless and rather silly as well. I know it was intended as comic relief, but the reuse of animation didn’t sit too well with me, and Kuroko’s lack of presence getting them the bread which seemed otherwise impossible to obtain was way too predictable.

Those 10 wasted minutes aside, we’re finally getting to the serious games as the workings of the Inter-High preliminaries are explained by Hyuuga. I have to say I was kind of happy when he said they had “fell one step short” the previous year, since there are plenty of sports anime featuring newly established teams making their way through tournaments, which is always exciting, but comes off as somewhat unrealistic.

Taiga’s reply to this explanation reflected his character all too well, and also makes one notice how a slight change in wording can mean so much. “Being chosen” makes it seem as if getting into the Inter-High is something decided by exterior factors, rather than the teams own effort and talent. Taiga put on them the role to decide – it’ll be their responsibility if they lose, but if they win, they’d do so by their own merit. And that’s quite a motivating declaration.

As for the basketball match, there wasn’t much development just yet, though I think they did too good of a job making the opposing team as unlikable as possible. The team captain and “Dad” (xD) are as pretentious as one can imagine and totally arrogant on top of that. It’ll feel good having their overconfidence crushed, as Kagami has actually already started doing this week. I do hope they don’t make each and every non-relevant team seem so antagonistic, though.

Overall, another nice episode, though the humor (which was pretty good at first) isn’t doing it for me anymore – specially not with Izumi’s lame puns. Also, using the OP song during epic moments is ok, but what’s with having it played during random training scenes? They have to stop overusing it. I’m still eagerly awaiting the next episode, since it’ll be hard for a well animated basketball match to disappoint me.


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