The Legend of Korra Episode 6

And the Winner Is…

Thanks to the poor managerial skills of the higher-ups, mainly Alex, I’m here to handle some shows, mainly Mimi’s. Please treat me kindly.

Here we go people, this is it. Here we hit the tumultuous point, THIS is where we start with the meat of the series. With the finals of the pro bending tournament around the corner, Amon calls on the city council to either cancel the bender worshiping event or face the consequences. Lin Bei Fong convinces Tarrlok, and thus the council (what a bunch of sheeple) to permit the match, and oh boy, did Amon ever take advantage of that. In a fell swoop, he not only shows his supreme righteousness by overwhelming the cheating bender elite, but also makes a fool of the city council and the police force for even allowing it to happen. Psch, incompetent. Kinda like another boss-like person I know. And like Amon, I definitely will never be reprimanded. (⊙‿⊙✿)

Between all the great character bits, mind bending animation, and another trickle of split second memories from the previous avatar’s life, I have no idea what to love most. Korra’s one on one with Tahno alone was satisfying, but the adorable Fire Ferret fans pushed it to next level. Similarly with Tenzin and Lin, it’s great to see the two play off each other, especially with Tenzin turning into such a pro bending fan. Those two definitely used to be a couple, alright. And that’s where this show really impresses me. The character interactions are so deft and expressive switching back and forth between serious and comedic moments. In just the span of 6 episodes, the characters are already ingrained in me.

Then there’s the final sequence. That was the perfect kick-off to the next portion of story, the action in those last 3 minutes… *swoon*. Lin is the total kick your butt person you would expect her mother’s child to be. And now with her in play, we have what seems to be the major cast set-up. Tarrlok managed to avoid any large responsibility for this mess, and it’s gonna be interesting to see what Mako and Bolin decide to do with pro-bending not currently an option. There’s no telling where this is going to lead next with full-on war developing in Republic City.

Tenzin is the man. Lin is too. Everybody is the man.


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