Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 6

You Don’t Know What Love Is

Love. It’s a friggin’ pain. In the midst of it all, Kaoru tries his very best to maintain the relations he currently has. With his feelings for Ritsuko still very much apparent he can only attempt to add her and Sentaro together, dropping himself from the equation altogether. I like the touch with Ritsuko’s moment as she hears My Favorite Things being played outside, a comparison of her lost chance to be together Sentaro to how she missed her chance to see The Sound of Music. Plus My Favorite Things is always a great song. Hopefully we get to hear more of the show’s rendition of it, Sentaro’s drums gave it a sweet sweeeeet kick.

At the same time, he cherishes his good friendship with Sentaro and wishes for it to remain that way. As a kid who has many times been through friends abandoning him due to his navy background, he views Sentaro agreeing to join Matsuoka’s rock and roll band as an act of leaving jazz and him behind. Kaoru recognizes how bratty it may seem, but it’s how he’s grown up into adolescence. He’s made it this far on his own. What a poor guy.

I love it. I’ve always viewed this show as more about Kaoru and Sentaro bonding through love of music, and that all this actual love mumbo jumbo has been a means to that goal; secondary to the ultimate picture.  After all, like last episode said, unlike love affairs, friendship is forever. It’s a complex relation between the two, but with Sentaro sympathetically pitching for Matsuoka’s rock and roll effort, I can only imagine that Kaoru’s feelings will come to a head during the band’s show at the school festival. at least. well. maybe. god I hope so. there could be so much gooooood music.

And hey, what’s this. I’m pretty sure, but is that… is that Jun bro? What has he been doing… what a wreck. With hair like that, he’s starting to remind me more of the visual kei scene.  Poor, poor guy. So, so good.


One thought on “Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 6

  1. I also got the impression it was Jun in the last scene, though I’m as dumbfounded as you. I think he may have got into another “type” of music. Or maybe not, who knows?

    It was a great episode, though. To me, Kaoru and Sentaro’s friendship is the main selling point of this series too, so it’s nice to see love issues tying with the main theme, without dragging on everything too much.

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