Tsuritama Episode 5

Discouraged Jerking

I hope i’m not the only person who has a problem with their title choice this time around. Anyway, things start off in what’s come to be the usual routine of slight comedy followed up with a small amount of plot development and a gentle prod towards fishing. Yet this time, they actually go on a fishing trip instead of playing around at the harbour, and end up on a boat in the sea, in which Haru proves his overconfidence and Yuki proves his underconfidence. For a moment there, I worried that they’d give his character sea-sicknesses to cope with, but it looks to be just your standard case of anxiety.

I’m not going to say that I had a problem with that part, but 5 episodes in and we’ve had no plot development to speak of. The slice of life and the characters interactions may be wonderful, but this is a noitamina show…it doesn’t have time to squander like this. Enjoyable, fun and a treat to watch, yes. But Tsuritama keeps putting everything on the big picture paying off…


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