Tsuritama Episode 6

Horrified Splash

I guess the theory about people working is true in how it gives them a helping hand in beating anxiety issues. The whole touch of actually giving Yuki a tan was a really nice one, too. Anyway, there was some more solid development and the like, whilst the indian does some nosing around to fill his mission, and the mention of a place where fishing boats disappear without a reason comes up whilst they’re out fishing for tuna.

It’s almost become the normal for this show to deliver top notch character growth for everyone apart from Haru, who for the first time actually started to get on my nerves. This episode showed just why he was meant to be involved in the show, but he acted so annoying during the quiet scenes, especially where he started imitating the wrestling match. It…just wasn’t needed, ya know?

Then, out the blue, it’s suddenly time for plot development as the group end up going out to Akemi, the hotspot where boats disappear and people loose their memory, and Haru appears to go stir crazy and face off against the indian in a showdown on the boat after they’d teleported for no reason, and they end up getting shipwrecked by some huge stir in the water. Who knows what really happened, but it was damn sweet to see some form of plot development, especially plot like this!

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