Kimi To Boku Episode 7

Sweet Sweet, Bitter

Oh god, what did I just see?! Really, Chizuru? Such a perverted dream to start this episode off xD. With this episode revolving around Valentines day, it’s very entertaining. Everyone’s gotta love how Shun gets all the girls. Especially with all the over exaggerated reactions. Jeez Chizuru, no need to scream like that.

After all, with this episode based on valentines day, it was sweet too, yet it kind of makes me jealous though. I wish I could get chocolates xD I guess that’s what Halloween is for, right? Completely different concept though!

Anyway, this episode is about valentines day, and mainly focuses on Shun, and Chizuru/Mary. It was pretty interesting to watch, as I couldn’t believe a few things. Ah, I don’t want to give things away, but you should expect some good stuff from this episode, along with some real relationship development! That’s how you confess to someone in real life xD.


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