Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 6

The Battle is the Puzzle’s Melody

Freecell is starting to cross the line between creepy and freaky with his “Offer your body to my order for life” actions. And so, they march into the school Kaito and everyone are staying in and challenge them to a duel. That’s one way to garner attention…although slightly over the top. But irregardless, it’s time for a duel, with extra servings of Nonoha!

I swear i’ve seen this kind of puzzle in a Zelda game…or was it Wild Arms? Slide around on a rink until you hit something and aim to hit a certain block.Classy, yet simplistic and well thought out. I don’t know if I prefer the class of the Orpheus Order or the over-the-top nature of the POG yet, but time will tell.

It’s pretty amusing to see Melancholy snap in her fight with Cubic, even though I’m not sure what on earth she meant be half of it. I think Kaito might have amnesia, sadly…UGH. I hate that trope with a passion! It’s not often that these puzzles spread over two episodes, yet judging from that cliffhanger, something big is about to go down next week (Well, tomorrow >>)


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