Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 7


Interesttiing. That Pinochole guy from the order read all of Kaito’s moves like a book. Whilst it’s amazingly impressive and all, once Kaito figures it out, it’s a pretty lame ability.Probably only works in surprise attacks or something. Then again, being able to tell people when they ran out of shampoo and what Kaito had for dinner is a slightly disturbing ability…it’ll work great at throwing people off their game.

I have such mixed feelings about that revelation from this episode, though.Whilst we do forget stupid childhood promises and those tiny little things which don’t matter to us at all, the idea that such a stupid thing made Freecell into a villian is something which needs work.

I don’t doubt that they have an idea of where they’re going with this, but right now, it’s well…rather lame. Yet Freecell seems so scary that his own team cowers in fear of him; there MUST be something else to him.


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