The Legend of Korra Episode 7

The Aftermath

And hey, look who now decides to join the ranks of actual characters. Asami invites Mako and Bolin to live in the lap of luxury in the Sato mansion, as the bending arena is shut down or whatever, so this time we get to see entire SCENES where she’s present. Turns out she’s quite the handy lady with vehicles, and during the pool scene she shows she has a way with dealing with peopl-whoa whooooa bolin is buff good god look at those beefcakes that is incredible. please fan me sir

Glad Asami ain’t a traitor as the entire internet pegged her as, but as Korra’s suspicions during the episode prove right, it’s Asami’s father who allied himself with the Equalists. And his story also apparently involves a fire bender inciting tragedy! That’s like, what, 3 now? Those firebenders sure are a riled bunch, and it might well be aftermath from the 100 year war. I doubt they managed to escape a centuries worth of misgivings despite the previous Avatar’s efforts at peace, and turning to crime may have been one of their prominent choices out of necessity. Regardless, Sato has produced an entirely new type of weapon for the anti-bending cause. Platinum Mechs: metal bender proof guarantee. Yessirree, now that’s a deal Cabbage Corp can’t match.

None of our heroes seem that great of a match either, but when we have Lin being just about the coolest human being there ever was, I ain’t so bothered. Between her using the same earth-sonar from the first series (with retractable shoe soles as a neat-o touch) to locate Sato’s secret Mech manufacturing facility, to her choosing to act outside the law from now on to correct her mistakes… hooo boy, she is the most ‘the man’ any character can ever hope to be. Tenzin also struts his stuff, and I have to say, it’s some pretty cool stuff. I know it’s redundant at this point, but the action manages to consistently be exciting and clever, Tenzin’s air wheel maneuver was sweeeeet.

Defying her father’s wish to join the Equalists, Asami dolefully knocks him out and escapes with the Korra and co. I’m really looking forward to seeing how quickly she recovers from the shock and how she fits into Team Avatar, this one episode painting her as a pretty cool, capable person. But now our dear brothers and Asami are homeless people, so they take Korra up on her offer to live on Air Temple island. This means more air bender kids. That can only mean great things.

The next episode of Legend of Lin is two weeks from now. that’s all kinds of great. woo.


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