Kimi To Boku Episode 8

Us Boys

I don’t think I remember Fuyuki ever being in a relationship. He seems like a good boyfriend to Mamiya, just a little perverted, depending how long they’ve been dating. I mean, if it was just a few days or so, oh hell no. We learn more about Shun’s brother. Last time we saw him he was kinda rude and the like (now I remember!) But around his girlfriend and he was this kind and sweet kid. I guess that first kiss makes everyone a little happy and giddy too.

Shun’s also very caring for his brother and worries about him. Shun’s always had that “Mother figure” lingering about him. He’s that over worrying parent, even though he’s like…16/17? I’ve never had to deal with that, I don’t think. Also the karaoke was great. I’ve never done karaoke but I know I wouldn’t do it around my friends unless they were close friends. I’d probably get laughed at. I guess you’d laugh together though. I’d probably get laughed at like Chizuru did. I know most of the songs choruses, unless it’s one I like. I make sure I learn the entire song. x3

Finally, this episode was a little too much information. Nah, I’m kidding. But it was really pervy. I did like that earlobe saying though. I’ll have to say that to one of my friends. It’ll confuse them for sure. We kinda didn’t need to know Fuyuki looks at those “Explicit” magazines, but I guess it helps with character development to learn about him. He also didn’t need to touch her chest. :L Silly pervy boy.


2 thoughts on “Kimi To Boku Episode 8

  1. Fuyuki went overboard and I hate him for that (considering the fact that I’m a girl). >_<
    You heard Kaname's singing voice? IT'S SO COOL.

    • Oh god, I so agree! The way in which he did that was so horrible yet so typical of a stupid kid.

      Great writing for a great post :3

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