Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 7

Now’s The Time

Amazing. Sakamichi blows it out of the park, this was just everything and more.

Kaoru’s fear of abandonment continues this week as he grows further apart from Sentaro, a strong gripped fear with which I can sympathize. Despite that, Kaoru actually manages to socialize with some of Ritsuko’s friends, breaking away from his self-imposed solitude through his own actions. That’s right girls, the guy ain’t a sourpuss, he just needed some positive attention. Which I’m sure he’ll be receiving after the performance he put on later this episode.

Sentaro on the other hand continues to practice with Seiji’s rock and roll band, unable to reach out to the evasive Kaoru. Another relation or two of his also get turned on their heads as when he leans in for a kiss with Yurika, our wreck of a pal Jun slurs some wreck-like slurs. The aftermath of we see is Yurika absconding with tears in her eyes, and Jun being slugged by Sen-boy. As rash as Sentaro can be, it’s nice to see how he actually has some grasp of the situation at hand when he notes Yurika eyeing Chet Baker’s album; Jun who had sung his But Not For Me way back when. Appropriate song for the character, mmh.

And so the day of the school festival arrives, Seiji’s “The Olympus” band the target of obsessive drooling for the girls. That fang of his drives all the dames wild. But really, the band was… decent. Sentaro, along with Maruo, played well, but the song was just… decent. Something you would hear at a school festival. However the shows is cut short as technical problems pop up, and the electrical equipment cease working. Kaoru as a school committee member searches for the issue, but overhears Sentaro’s desire to return to jazz and his “partner” once the festival is over. With a clever little touch of a letter arriving at little Kaoru’s mailbox, begins the best 5 minutes of anything ever.

Kaoru takes charge, and starts off with a rendition of My Favorite Things, an invitation to Sentaro as the song they played last.  Students rush over as the song transitions to Someday My Prince Will Come, an entirely different version from what we heard Kaoru play before. As the previous version was played for Ritsuko, this version is meant for Sentaro, the two reconciling as they “bicker” through the music. As a final sign of their re-established friendship, their very first song together Moanin’ takes the stage. A feeling that only the two of them can share, a bond that began and begins anew through their music. Kaoru stands up to land the final note on the song. The crowd is stunned silent. A roaring applause, and two run off down the hill.


so friggin’ beautiful (◡‿◡✿)


3 thoughts on “Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 7

  1. “but the song was just… decent. Something you would hear at a school festival. ”

    Sorry but LOL! Have you forgotten when this story takes place? It’s like listening to an early Beatles song and going “this is decent but nothing more, why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch over it?”

    • A lot of early rock is like that yeah, and personally, I kinda enjoy music like that. A plethora of early Beatles stuff hold a place in me. ’67 and the 60s in general certainly held a common attitude like that though, it was an entirely different sort of music which appealed to an entirely different crowd, music that drove the youth wild.

      Was talkin’ more about the performance, not the tune itself. And that was partially the point, for the performance to be completely outclassed by the following duet. Haah… If I had to put what I feel into words… Seiji’s voice sucks.

  2. Yep, “amazing” really is the right word. I believe I’ve already stated how much I like the way this series handles relationships development, managing some well impacting drama, but never dragging out the conflicts, and this episode was yet another proof of that. And that performance… It was gorgeous – the animation, the music, the mood, the feel… everything. I particularly loved the scene when everyone was leaving their due places in the festival to watch the duet, as it was truly worth doing so.

    The but referring to the Sentaro/Yurika/Jun triangle was also pretty good, though we’re still left somewhat in the dark regarding what really happened to Jun… I’ll be looking forward to more details on that.

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