Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 8

These Foolish Things

Coltrane may be dead, but at least we have our ol’ pal Bill Evans.

And it seems our Kaoru’s school life has been given new life with a legion of fan girls doting over him (even Maruo seems to have a new fan). Well, with Kaoru it’s only natural, even I was quite smitten by his performance. The jam session this episode was especially lovely (⊙‿⊙✿).

But like the rocky performance, we’re approaching increasing turbulent terrain. Yurika manages to confront Jun bro in his new cheap apartment, the man still a wreck. In an age where student politics were as boisterous as the emerging rock and roll, Junichi appears to be a victim of the strife involved. Pushed into giving a speech at a rally, the the not-yet-a-wreck clearly not particularly invested, Junichi inadvertently inspires a sax playing friend of his to pick up his banners and fists. Feeling responsible for his actions, he promises to take up the friend’s position in the student movement if something were to happen.

Obviously something happened. So did Junichi take up megaphone in hand and spoke, spoke like he never had before. Of course when his friend, who I just remember is called Arita, returns with his hands in packages, Junichi realizes he was responsible for ruining a young musician. Thus as he questions what in the world he’s doing, he leaves college, is disowned, picks up booze and pills, what we have left is this charming husk of a man. Huh. Well now I’m sad. The good man attempts to do good and ends up going bad. Ain’t that the life. Really concise flashback or not, it managed to pretty effectively paint a sympathetic figure out of Junichi.

As sad as it is to see why the role model of the earlier episodes became what he is now, Yurika has now plunged herself into his life, gradually dragging him out of his rut. Though even that has repercussions on her life as she is berated at school and home, her mother even reserving a time for the gynecologist. Oh myyy. Mercy me, here we have quite the strict and overprotective parents. But that practically went hand in hand with student activism. Yurika shows to be as strong willed as the movement though, proving that her love for Junichi is certainly backed up by strong convictions. They now have each other, although it’s far too early to discount any role they’ll have in the following mess.

Which leaves us with our original love triangle, Kaoru -> Ritsuko -> Sentaro. With Sentaro becoming privy to Yurika’s current relationship, Kaoru hints at a path he’s forsaken but which has always been there for Sentaro. Of course, this is the absolute perfect time for Ritsuko to start discovering her feelings for Kaoru. Which in turn means that Sentaro will definitely understand the meaning behind Kaoru’s hints, causing an elusive love-triangle reversal bonanza resulting in Kaoru <- Ritsuko <- Sentaro! And Kaoru here still no doubt loves Ritsuko! Me oh my, these poor adolescent hearts will be torn asunder at this rate. Kaoru’s good intentions have led to fairly unpredictable results, and I can only hope that the main friendship between Kaoru and Sentaro can withstand whatever’s to come.

Sakamichi keeps comfortably rollin’ down it’s hill like nobody’s business.


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