Tsuritama Episodes 8 & 9

Joyous Fighting
Striking Underwater

Ahh, it has been a while. Continuing on from Sakura’s disappearance, Natsuki manages to track her down thanks to Akira’s help, and everyone makes up. However, the old man of the shrine said something very interesting about people being spirited away by the dragon.
Following on, Akira has a one-on-one with Haru, revealling that he’s a member of the Alien hunting organization, DUCK. That’s where it’s revealled that Haru came to earth to catch the dragon under the bait ball, a member of their own kind.

Following on from there, we get a very touching scene between Yuki and his grandma, but part of me is worrying that all it was doing is triggering death flags. We even get her being sweet to Haru, telling him that when he’s going, he’s got to say goodbye to everyone properly. Episode 8 was sweet, touching, put all the characters together in a happy paradise, and tripped a bunch of death flags. Hmmm.

Episode 9 was…well, interesting. It contuined on from that cliffhanger, and it did so in rather a brutal fashion.The combat unit of DUCK was dispatched to Enoshima, and did so in an interesting manner…as they eliminate water from the island, and as Haru makes his escape by luring the dragon away from the island.However, one sweet action scene later, and we’re left to assume that Koko’s been defeated by the dragon, as we witness a sweet action scene fulled with flashy lights and things which you can’t really understand.

However, when Haru returns, he’s probably gone insane due to loosing his sister, and has started attacking everyone with that water gun of his, as DUCK starts evacuating everyone from the island and actively hunting down Haru. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d want from this show at this time, as the childish actions of Haru finally start hurting everyone around him, as the only person left on his side is that kindly, loving grandma. As Yuki returns to Enoshima, along with the re-inspired Yamada, the show moves into the climax.

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