The Legend of Korra Episode 8

When Extremes Meet

I also apologize for my late post. It seems that Alex’s laziness is rubbing off on me. ^_^ But anyway~ :3 The latest episode of Korra is easily my new favorite, as Korra’s friends finally move in at the air temple. You just gotta love what the little airbending kids say and do around them. The funniest scene, which really caught me off guard, is when one kid bluntly asks Asami if she knew that Korra loved Mako…followed by Korra’s priceless reaction. I guess Asami had to find out eventually, but what a hilarious way to do it. Later on, you can see Asami glaring at Korra and Mako, so I have a bad feeling about that. Honestly, she’s not out of the woods for me yet… Those fake tears can’t fool meh. D:

They assemble Team Korra to catch some more Chi Blockers, stealing the show away from the-not-so-happy Tarrlok (I HOPE that’s how you spell his name…). Everything takes a turn for the worse when he targets a group of innocent nonbenders, suspecting them to be Equalists, and captures Korra’s friends. This leads to an epic showdown between Korra and Tarrlok. Seriously, the fights never disappoint! Interestingly, Tarrlok reveals himself to be a “bloodbender” and captures Korra. I wonder where they’re headed. And how is he going to explain the aftermath of their fight when he returns? o_o

Tarrlok’s role has become very interesting here, as he represents the extreme opposite side of Amon. I hope I’m not the only one who wants to see Amon humiliate him though. ^^


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra Episode 8

  1. Excited to watch Legend of Korra episode 9. We get the chance to see Aang in avatar state again and Korra meditating. Sweetness. 😀

  2. ZOMG I LOVE Korra’s face when the kid said that!!! That had me cracking up so hard! I’m glad you took the screenshot of that!

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